June: Oilmonth in Aberdeen

Posted on Saturday 2 June 2007

5 June — “PEAK OIL”


5 June — “PEAK OIL”

IN DUTCH MILL (7 Queens Road Aberdeen AB15 4NR) AT 6pm for 6.30pm (ending at 8pm). – Douglas Low (Director. The Oil Depletion Analysis Centre (ODAC)) will be speaking about Peak Oil – the forthcoming decline in fossil fuel production and its impact on civilization.

“Peak Oil” is the term used to describe the peaking then decline of global oil production. It is likely to change the way society works in ways that we cannot predict, but for which we can certainly prepare. Forecasts for peak oil range from in the past, crude oil production has fallen since 2005 but could rise again, to never. Most forecasts are in the range between now and 2020. Douglas will give a brief introduction to the various forecasts, discuss Peak Gas and Peak Coal, and how this might change how civilization works. An overview of UK oil and gas depletion will be presented, and why the UK is likely to start suffering periods of gas shortages after 2010, if not before. The talk will end with an overview of initiatives to prepare for Peak Oil.
For information see http://www.odac-info.org/


Please find below and attached an invitation to attend a cross-sectoral, cross-discipline, cross-cultural, integral event in Aberdeen on Monday 11 June. It is an opportunity to discuss and consider concerns about the environment, as well as to consider how this ‘thinking’ relates to the inter-dependency within complex systems of which we are part – be it in politics, university, health, business, leadership, education or whatever. You are invited from every walk of life, particularly as you are curious about ‘thinking’ in ways which can support and sustain 21st century living and working, with its multiple questions, challenges and issues.

The evening is also an ‘open space’ to explore how we can co-create a culture of societal learning within Scotland, stretching our thinking and ways of operating. It is also an excellent opportunity to meet others thinking along similar lines. Please circulate to anyone you think would be interested, and please RSVP!

Warm wishes
Morag Patterson

An Inconvenient Truth
Rosina and Michael Sinclair
Monday 11th June at 5.30 for 6.00pm
at King’s College Conference Centre, Aberdeen University, Old Aberdeen

Facilitated by Robin Harper MSP – Rector of Aberdeen University

In conjunction with his film “*An Inconvenient Truth*,” Al Gore trained a group of committed environmentalist to communicate world-wide the environmental challenges ahead of us all.
We are delighted that Rosina and Michael Sinclair from Al Gore’s group are visiting us here in Aberdeen, and Robin Harper, MSP and Rector of Aberdeen University, has agreed to facilitate the meeting.

It will be of great interest to those concerned with the environment, and also for those keen to develop an understanding of complex interdependent systems. The film’s topic of the environment is a classic example – change one part of a system and it has surprising effects on parts of the system that we never anticipated. These systems are organic rather than controllable, just as those which touch us independently, within our organisations and our society.

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